Where could you use support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum?

Doulas support expectants giving birth in hospitals, birthing centers, and at home with evidence-based childbirth education and resources that includes but is not limited to nutrition guidance during pregnancy and postpartum, comfort measures during labor, lactation education, and continuity of care during postpartum.

Doulas typically offer these services in a 1on1 capacity, providing care to several expectants simultaneously.

In a Community Birth Support session, expectants will receive the same standard of care in a group setting, where they’ll have the added advantage of building community with other birthing persons as they receive the education, emotional and phsyical support they need to have an informed and empowered pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Community Birth Support sessions are facilitated by Melissa Danielle, Full-Spectrum Reproductive Wellness and Maternal Health Support Practitioner, along with a rotating team of birthworkers who will provide a safe and supportive space for your questions and concerns.

The investment in $500 for on-call birth support for weeks 36-41 and drop-in group prenatal sessions at $35/session. Enrolling and attending childbirth education and preparation classes are required to work with me. I recommend the online courses Birthing Better, Pain to Power, and Nurture.

Community Birth Support is currently open to Windward expectants birthing at Castle or home at this time. Prenatal sessions meet in Kailua. Please enter your details below and I will be in touch with next steps.