Why I became a Doula & Birth Support Professional

If you’re reading this, chances are you have access to comprehensive reproductive health and childbirth education, but don’t know which to choose, and maybe you’re not even sure that you need it. I believe that a lot of the unfulfilling aspects of parenthood are borne out of unclear expectations, minimal to no communication between partners, not having a supportive community, and lack of preparedness for the things we can control (to a degree), such as our health, finances, and environment. As a doula, I aim to demonstrate the very same level of care and commitment I want to receive if/when I decide to become a parent.

More and more women are working outside of the home, pursuing advanced degrees, building successful businesses, and having babies with and without committed partners and relationships. Yet most remain disconnected and willfully resistant to consciously creating the experience they envision. A lot of people plan for their weddings, but they don’t prepare for their marriage. When they want to buy a house, they will spend months and years cleaning up their credit, paying off debt, and finding new ways to save money. They buy the house and then find themselves pressured to keep jobs they may not like to pay the mortgage and manage the responsibilities of home ownership.

The same happens with becoming parents. They plan for the birth they want, but do not prepare for the birth they may actually have. They give little thought to and make little preparation for their preconception health, pregnancy and postpartum. They make baby registries and lists of all the things they want in their nursery, but they don’t prepare for what comes after the baby comes home, such as sleep deprivation, loss of intimacy and sexual desire, who’s going to take over the primary housekeeping responsibilities, walk the dog, help out when you need to sleep or just need a break, and/or unexpected financial expenditures.

Many hopefuls and expectants don’t spend time with other parents to get a real look at what life will be like. They assume it will be different for them, even though they’re not doing anything differently in their own lives. Most have never babysat, let alone held an infant before the birth of their own child. And while we love to say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, few actually do the work of creating the intentional social and support networks they’ll need to carry them through this journey.

And they’re doing all of this expecting some kind of maternal instinct to kick in eventually. When it doesn’t, when they don’t have the pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience they expected, they internalize the disappointment as failure and trauma. This is the opposite of what most people desire for motherhood, and am using my role as a health coach and doula to facilitate a new way of thinking and being about parenthood.

The doula relationship is a high touch, intimate relationship between a family and a trained birth support worker. As an Integrative Nutrition & Women’s Health Coach and Full Spectrum Doula, I offer

  • mother wound healing
  • birth preference planning
  • integrative nutrition health coaching (lifestyle and nutrition guidance)
  • non-medical professional support as a full-spectrum doula (conception, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth)
  • breathwork and movement exercises for relaxation and to improve the pelvic floor
  • therapeutic massage
  • childbirth education
  • postpartum nest planning
  • and more!

These are services that can be offered throughout the entire childbearing year as a package or a la carte. The type of support varies, based on your existing level of support, availability, and desired outcome. I will fill in as needed to provide comprehensive continuity of care throughout your pregnancy and during the fourth trimester (the first three months after giving birth).

Within these roles, I want to make sure that you and your family are eating well, engaged in regular physical activity, making time for your creative and spiritual expression, that communication between you and your partner fosters intimacy and connection, and that we’re all working together to create as peaceful and supportive an environment as possible for everyone so that you can have the experience that closely matches your desires for a healthy and happy birth and postpartum.

I will help you make informed choices throughout the course of your pregnancy and postpartum, refer you to additional support services and resources, and help you establish a high level of self-care, which includes setting boundaries for a strong and healthy family dynamic.


I pursue ongoing education, training, and self-study to maintain the most up-to-date practices and care for my clients. Here is a list of my training:

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Universal Force Healing Center (NAAM Yoga) / KRI Level I Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Honoring Women / CAPPA Labor Doula Training

Honoring Women / CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training

Bebo Mia / Maternal Support Practitioner Training