Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?

Are you considering a homebirth?

Are you a woman over 40 trying to conceive with PCOS?

Do you feel like you’re losing yourself with all the responsibilities of parenting?

I have something for you.

Melissa DanielleAloha Darling! I’m Melissa Danielle. I support families as a full spectrum doula, women’s and maternal health coach, and massage therapist in O’ahu, Hawaii from periods through postpartum.

If you let it, birth and parenting` can be both powerful and pleasurable. As your birth partner, I guide you and your family through holistic planning and preparation from menstrual cycle awareness through postpartum planning and recovery, with a focus on self-care, intimacy, financial literacy, and household management.

I would love to support you on your conception, pregnancy, and homebirth journey.

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