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Full-Spectrum Well-Woman Care and Therapeutic Massage for Periods, Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum in O’ahu, Hawai’i and beyond.

Melissa DanielleAloha Darling! I’m Melissa Danielle. I support families as a full spectrum doula, women’s and maternal health coach, and massage therapist in O’ahu, Hawaii from periods through postpartum.

Health Coaches offer holistic guidance on lifestyle choices that impact overall health and well-being. Full-spectrum Doulas are trained to support those trying to conceive and expecting at every stage, as well as abortion, pregnancy loss, surrogacy, adoption, and assisted reproductive technologies. A massage therapist offers therapeutic touch to relieve tension, improve circulation, and faciliate relaxation and renewal.

If you let it, birth can be both powerful and pleasurable. As your birth partner, I guide you and your family through holistic planning and preparation from menstrual cycle awareness through postpartum planning, with a focus on self-care, intimacy, financial literacy, and household management.

Specialized support is available for those trying to conceive with PCOS, first-time moms over 35, and birthing in bigger bodies. Online health, fitness, and wellness programs are also available.