Holistic Postpartum Planning Guide

When we're being honest, the postpartum period is much longer than six weeks. If you're breastfeeding, healing from surgery, trauma, and/or birth injuries, your postpartum can last for up to two years. In some spaces, postpartum is up to 7 years, as your child assumes more bodily and emotional autonomy. How you recover during your postpartum period will not only impact your role as a parent, but your intimate relationship and even your transition to menopause.

But the first three months, the fourth trimester, is a critical time, as it lays the foundation for the rest of parenthood. Shaped by your birth experience, the level of support you receive during this time will determine your well-being and overall views on parenting and your relationship with your body and sense of self.


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Holistic Postpartum Planning Workshop

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Join the Motherworthlove Mothercircle

The Motherworthlove Mothercircle is an online community for the fourth trimester/postpartum period, open to all birthing persons on every stage of their journey. 

The intention of the Mothercircle is to offer ongoing, non-medical professional support during the postpartum period for parents and caregivers who could use additional support and resources, especially for parents and support partners that do not have a budget for in-person, private postpartum care.

Become a member of Motherworthlove's Mothercircle and receive:

  • expanded conversations and resources on the information provided in the holistic postpartum planning guide.
  • a private, members-only website (not on Facebook) where you can ask questions and connect with other parents and birth partners throughout your postpartum journey
  • monthly community calls to connect live
  • more resources and support as the community and needs grow

Membership is $12 a month, billed automatically.