Melissa DanielleAs a Full-Spectrum Doula, I know firsthand how all consuming birthwork can be, where we’re giving so much that we sometimes forget to pour back into ourselves. As a woman’s and maternal health coach, helping my clients prioritize their self-care and wellness is key to helping them have satisfying and empowering experiences during their periods, pregnancy, and postpartum.

As a mom, having a supportive community of likeminded women and mothers is vital to your health and well-being.

And when you prioritize your health, you have the energy and endurance to keep up and keep going with the demands of your life.

My own daily practice of self-care includes eating whole foods, medicinal and culinary herbs and supplements, physical activity, personal development, creative pursuits, spending time with my favorite people, and getting outdoors.

Health Coaching and Professional Development for Doulas and Birthworkers

If you’ve been struggling with maintaining your health goals (and maybe even your cash flow) while growing your doula/birthwork practice, I invite you to join Doula Flow, my yearlong health coaching and professional development program for doulas and birthworkers. This is a virtual experience with access to an on demand health and fitness platform plus accountability and support with daily check-ins, monthly coaching calls, and an online community to connect and collaborate with.

You’ll also have a safe space to share the highs and lows of being a doula/birthworker and get the support you need to grow a sustainable and thriving doula business.

Membership to Doula Flow includes

  • Shakeology
  • Beachbody Performance Energize
  • Beachbody Performance Recover
  • Beachbody Collagen Boost
  • 3-Day Refresh without Shakeology packets
  • Barre Blend PLUS 12-month membership to Beachbody On Demand, including access to:
    • Barre Blend prep workouts and “Barre Basics” introductory videos
    • 40+ unique Barre Blend workouts
    • 3 Barre Blend recovery workouts and 5 “10-minute enhancements”
    • “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards
    • Beachbody® Guide to Nutrition
    • Get Started Guide with Workout Calendar
    • Access to hundreds of world-class Beachbody workouts from fitness programs
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Beachbody Performance Shaker Cup
  • Ongoing support with me as your health coach


Membership kicks off with the Barre Blend program,  a fun fusion of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training. Beachbody Super Trainer Elise Joan leads you through 30- to 40-minute workouts that take the classic barre concept and turn up the intensity as you sweat, stretch, and strengthen to energize your entire body. Each low-impact, high-energy workout uses light weights and cardio interval training to burn calories and help you sculpt defined arms, a tight core, and a firm, lifted booty.

Membership is only available to residents of the US, CAN, UK, and France.


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Doula Flow is not for you if…

  • you’re used to dieting and depriving yourself to reach your health goals
  • you need willpower to make changes
  • you are solely focused on losing weight
  • you have a problem with fat and fat people
  • you’re healing or recovering from an eating disorder
  • you are unable to maintain the financial commitment with ease
  • you make excuses and have a victim mindset
  • you don’t like working out / working out at home
  • you don’t like people who use profanity or strong language
  • you already have a coach assigned to your BOD membership
  • you live outside the US, UK, Canada, and/or France


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